This was one of my first digital camera shots. The lilies were transplanted in New Hampshire from starts my mother had received from a neighbor in the 1950s. The neighbor had had these lilies in her family as far back as anyone alive could remember. Day Lilies
This bridge was built in 1840. It was completely rebuilt in 1857 by Dutton Woods of Contocock, NH. In 1970 the state's Town Bridge Aid Program provided $16,300 for another rebuild. In 1987 it was "rehabilitated" by the state one more time. Waterloo Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Waterloo Bridge, Warner, NH, USA
One of many rainy Southwest Harbor, Maine afternoons. Another Rainy Day in Paradise
Found these two staring at me at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Crown Pigeons
This blue iris was the last bloom in its section of the garden. The color you see is real. Relaxed Iris
This marsh is five minutes from my front door. New Hampshire Fall Scene 1